Message from Nigel Covington, Editor in Chief of National Report


Nigel Covington, the Editor in Chief of National Report wrote

As Editor in Chief for the National Report I want the person who wrote this to know this is a brilliant piece of satire. I loved reading it, shared it and posted it for our writers to read. Satire in the US is more cut-throat then in other places but that is a cultural thing and there is an effort to create a symbol to post with a story to let the reader know they’re reading satire. I’m still trying to decide how such a symbol would work, it goes against the writer’s job to fool the reader. I understand from reading comments and chatting with a non-American friend that the content of the Assam story unfortunately dominated the message of the charity to help rape victims in India. I will always remember this for future reference and for stories. Whoever wrote this I wish we had writing for us.

Thank you for writing in Nigel. It is an admirable gesture no doubt. You may be right when you say that satire in US is more cut-throat than in a more conservative culture like India. Unarguably, America is a much more liberal country, the Westboro Baptist Church notwithstanding.

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The Great American Mass Shooting Festival begins next week


Glendale, AZ: Excited Americans are thronging to the desert landscape of Glendale (Arizona) for the annual American Mass Shooting Festival about to begin next week. Americans, from all over the country, are descending to this city of over 200,000 to take part in this mega event that provides an opportunity to the great American people to exercise their God given, and constitutionally protected, right to bear and use arms. The organizers of the event, The Freedom Group, is hoping for record participation this year and there are expected to be more than 100,000 mass shooting during the week-long event. “Now that many of the soldiers are back from Iraq and Afghanistan, we are expecting heightened participation. We have special Iraq and Afghanistan themed shooting zones (we call them Enduring Freedom Zones) complete with women dressed in Burqa and children dressed in Kurta and Lungi” says Rice W. Means, the chief organizer of the event.
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